About Violet


 I'm an Oregon State-licensed tattoo artist, trained at Hot Rod Betties. I’ve been a tattoo instructor since 2016. I am deeply inspired to create timeless, decorative, elegant works of art to enhance the natural beauty inherent in each of my clients.

I have been producing works of public art since I made my first film at the Maine Photographic Institute. Beginning when I was 16, I have studied a range of visual arts, including handmade film, photography, painting, animation, and avant-garde performance art at the Massachusetts College of Art and the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston (BFA 2007).

I was raised bilingually and bi-culturally, spending my childhood summers in the Polish town of Kielce, a region renowned as a nexus of paganism and witchcraft. These traditions have always been present in my life, informing my style and inspiring me to act as a bridge between the ancient supernatural and the world of contemporary body art.